From classic to cutting-edge, Donaldson & James recognizes the need to empower your workforce in order to gain the greatest outcomes. By offering ongoing support and training, our recruiters serve you better by focusing on a candidate’s cultural fit and how your talent pipeline can serve you in the short and long-run.


You need something more than a standard staffing agency – you need a recruitment firm as a partner who understands your company and culture thoroughly and can provide an innovative solution for attracting and retaining your talent.

With our extensive list of affiliates and partnerships around the globe, Donaldson & James has the resources to supply you or your company with a hiring process you only dream about. Simple and stress-free, our process has been made with the hiring company in mind.

And if you’re looking for a team to support your new business as a Recruiter, you’ve come to the right place. The Donaldson & James team is here to help facilitate your new, upcoming business as you immerse yourself in the staffing industry. Our team knows what it takes to get you to your career vision.

Our company mission is to provide companies, job seekers and future recruiters an entrepreneurial experience unique to the classic staffing agency model. We don’t do it like everyone else, and that’s what makes us progressive.

What makes us different? Our extensive knowledge in the recruitment industry, our cutting-edge model, and our vision of an entrepreneurial community to give recruiters personal freedom and control over their career – that is the Donaldson & James advantage.

This is where the magic begins! Being immersed in the industry for years, our team of trained professionals at Donaldson & James know what it takes to thrive in the recruitment industry. Fill positions on time, and on scope – or find your dream career today while working with our specialists.

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